We Are Magic Stone

We are a creative collective that lives to tell stories across the multidisciplinary worlds of film, television, advertising, art and design.
In a constantly evolving media landscape, we hold the belief that engaging storytelling, told through all forms of art and communication, is the most powerful way to connect us and move us as human beings.

We Make Moving Pictures

Human connections go before concepts and strategies.

Film & Television

Movies are about collaboration and connection. They transcend generations, they engage us through emotions, and they connect us to others.
Whether it's film, television or documentaries, we feel lucky and beyond grateful to be able to tell stories that are moving audiences throughout the world.

We Tell Stories

Telling a story is the most powerful way to activate our minds.

Branded Content

Our idea of a 'successful business' is one that strives towards improving the world. We believe that at the heart of any successful organization, lies its most important asset – its people.
Magic Stone prides itself in the ability to genuinely showcase the 'human spirit' that is driving a company's commitment to making a positive impact on the world.


They describe and explain the world around us, and our role and purpose in it.

Our Story

Our Story

Magic Stone is a film production company and creative collective co-founded by me (Michael Paul Stephenson) and my wife, Lindsay. We believe the best way to truly connect with any audience is through engaging storytelling.

We feel privileged to have told many different stories; stories about bad movies, dentists, dreamers, Italian filmmakers, artists, haunted-house creators, clowns, physicists, airplane-builders, oil-rig workers, jet-engine mechanics, winemakers, helicopter pilots, geoscientists, shoe designers, fantasy role-playing nerds, audiophiles, economists, aerospace engineers, cancer survivors, Olympic gold-medalists and trolls (well actually, goblins). Have I already mentioned that I was also the child star of the worst movie ever made? No? Well, that’s a whole different story.

Our clients range from Fortune 500 Companies to Mom ‘n Pops. Our work has been profiled and positively reviewed in almost every major media outlet in the U.S. including The New York Times, Variety, Entertainment Weekly, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, USA Today, NPR and ABC’s Nightline – and we’ve won our fair share of awards. However, what we are most proud of is that our stories continue to move audiences throughout the world — in theaters, on television, and on the web. Good storytelling knows no boundaries. And our work is being remembered. The most important part of this story is: we love what we do and the people we work with. Whether it’s a longtime client or a trusted collaborator, we pride ourselves in our relationships with great people doing great things with their lives. It’s these people that inspire us. Life is short. And we believe in spending ours doing what we love.
That’s our story. Now, drop us a line and tell us yours.

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